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    Door to door transport

    Stay, play & learn

    Private climate control cabins

    Canine holistic health

    Multi dog discounts

    Stress-Free Training: Ask About Pickup & Drop-off!

    Let us calm your anxious dog

    Conveniently located in Virginia with access to the Mid-Atlantic region, our professional transport service allows us to service the entire eastern seaboard. Our facility, Dancing Creek Farm, is a world renowned brand.

    Our trainers are adept at handling dogs of all breeds and behaviors. Whether it's basic obedience, advanced training, or behavior modification, we've got it covered.

    We believe in holistic well-being. That's why we offer not just top-notch training but also holistic dog nutrition, ensuring your dog thrives in every aspect of their life.

    Every dog is unique, and we tailor our training programs to their individual needs and goals. We're not about one-size-fits-all; we're about personalized transformation

    For those who serve our country, we offer long-term boarding options to ensure your dog is well cared for during your duty.

    Our reach extends worldwide, with satisfied clients from all corners of the globe. Our success stories speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.

    Our specialized board and train programs set the foundation for a lifetime of obedience and joy.


    We train dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages.

    2 Week Board and Train

    Basics of training. Heel , sit, stay and down. It’s perfect for basics or as a refresher.

    4 Week Board and Train

    Basic Obedience, extended stay, place, recall , off leash, distractions. This is our most popular program.

    8 Week Board and Train

    Dogs that typically need 8 weeks have trust issues, anxiety and some fear reactivity. It takes longer to build trust and confidence.

    Stay, Play & Train

    We have an adorable cottage in Danville, Virginia. It’s like a dog friendly Airbnb. You check and come to the farm to train with your dog. Or your dog trains during the week or day, returning to your cottage for the evening or weekend. You can even schedule for the trainer to go with you on outings downtown to learn manners at dog friendly restaurants, parks and public.

    Our Guarantee

    We have no doubt you’ll be thrilled with our customer service, dog training and your dog. If you’re not happy we will work with you until you are. Your success is important to us.

    Since 2005 Excellent Customer Service

    For 18 years Dancing Creek Farm has provided long and short term boarding and training for customers across the world. Our canine holistic program has earned us 5 star reviews. A cage free concept means dogs are only crated as part of training. We are trusted by military deployed, government officials and nonprofit organizations that travel overseas for extended periods. We have created a unique environment to offer the highest standard of care in the industry.

    Although we teach obedience and correction it’s combined with reward, love, enrichment, exercise, fun and a great diet. We train dogs to feel comfortable in their crate, their day is filled with canine enrichment, social time, play, exercise, learning manners through distractions and every day situations.

    Once your dog checks in we add you and your family to a WhatsApp group. In that group is our trainer and team. You can ask questions, discuss concerns and you’ll get video updates weekly. You see your dog transition. The videos are also helpful for you to learn and archived in your chat to view again later.

    It's more than training; it's a transformational journey for both you and your dog. Get started today and experience the Dog Training Virginia difference.

    Is your dog out of control?

    Does your dog yank and pull?

    Is your dog embarrassing you and jumping all over your friends?

    Is your dog dangerously bolting out door?

    Dog Training Virginia & Dancing Creek Farm Knows How to Handle Your Beloved Canine!!

    Our commitment to excellence shines through in the words of our satisfied clients. Discover what dog owners are saying about our professional training services. Real people, real dogs, real results!!

    Frequently asked questions

    Balanced training means teaching your dog “yes” and “no”. We don’t correct a dog until they understand what we are asking.
    We support the ethical use of training tools. E collars used responsibly as a tool for communication and marking commands. E collars use the same technology as a tens unit. A patented technology that has levels of stimulation ranging from 1-100. Most dogs working level is 6. It is not an electrical current.
    Training includes a combination of enrichment, obedience and reward.
    Every dog is different and family circumstances unique. We communicate with you to find the right goals for your dog and family.
    We do not train aggressive dogs. If your dog is aggressive we can help you find a trainer that specializes in human aggressive dogs. If they are dog aggressive we offer private cabins.
    We do work with fear reactivity and nervous dogs that need more time in confidence building. Helping them to get beyond their fears and calmer with situations or distractions. It’s not uncommon for a fearful dog to bark and nip. This is something we can help with.
    Board and train your dog checks in to our facility. After an evaluation we add you to a WhatsApp group with our trainer and team. We communicate directly with you through chat and send weekly video updates. You see the transition, ask questions and learn as they learn.
    The videos and chat remains as reference. After your dog goes home you can use it to ask questions and troubleshoot any issues. We are always there for you. You can even add your family to the WhatsApp group so they can be part of the experience.
    In addition to dog training we also offer long term boarding. It’s a discounted program for three months or longer. Many of our customers are military deployed or families in transition. We offer a discounted training add on. This affordable program is also great for dogs that need more training or have health issues. We are happy to discuss what program works best for you and your dog.
    If you’re able to visit we’d love to show you around. We are gated and have programs going on throughout the day for both our boarding and training dogs. We are happy to set up a tour or use FaceTime to do a virtual tour.
    Our pricing is based on the needs of your dog. We are more affordable than most and offer many options. We do not have payments plans but can arrange for you to make monthly payments prior to checking in. We accept all major credit cards.

    Since 2005 Excellent Customer Service!! Tamara Belotti, Founder Of Dog Training Center By Dancing Creek Farm

    I love animals, especially dogs and I’ve worked with animal rescues for many years. One year I decided to merge all the things I love and turn it into a business. Over the years it evolved and we quickly became known for our quality of care. Dancing Creek Farm is not just a dog boarding facility but a style of living, a a future model for sustainable living and animals

    My name is Tamara Belotti and it is my honor and privilege to provide the very Long term dog boarding best care for your dog. We specialize in long term dog boarding for military deployed, students and families in transition. We take a lot of pride in our military fostering program because we have worked very hard and have earned a wonderful reputation. We began long term dog boarding in 2006.